Tristan Kemp

Tristan’s mom realized he may have a gift for music at 8 years old when he learned how to play a couple of nursery rhymes on a piano at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum on a family outing. An employee asked his mom if she knew he could play the piano. She said he doesn’t play the piano. Soon after that, he got a keyboard for Christmas. He got a First Act keyboard from Toys R Us when they were still around. When he entered the fifth grade, he picked up the trombone and played in the school band. He switched to the euphonium about eight months later, and then the tuba two months after that. He has been playing Tuba since then in Symphonic Band, and the Marching Band at Grand Haven High School. He started playing in the jazz band with his trombone at grade 7 and switched to bass guitar at grade 8. He is currently involved with the Buccaneer Big Band at Grand Haven High School playing the bass guitar. He also enjoys playing the drums and guitar as well. He likes hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities involving the woods, fire, and other boy scout trip-related things, although he has never been in the boy scouts. He is one of the most Patriotic people you will ever meet. He loves his country.


His love of music started with his dad. He gave Tristan his first mixed CD at the age of 8, called “Tristan’s Music”. It included 70’s and 80’s hits like, “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang; “My Sharona,” by the Knack; and “Venus,” by Shocking Blue. He currently listens to songs related to “White Knuckle Ride,” by Jamiroquai and anything by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Tristan also likes some classic rock bands like Eric Clapton; Foreigner; AC/DC; Ted Nugent; Styx; ZZ Top;  Led Zeppelin; and Pink Floyd.

Bass Guitar