Skylar Mayton

Lead Singer

Skylar Alyvia Mayton has always had a passion for music. She started singing as soon as she could talk and loved any opportunity to perform in front of a crowd. Coming from a family of six, she always had someone to perform for - whether they wanted to listen or not!

Skylar has had an incredible amount of opportunities, starting at a very young age. At eight years old, she performed in A Christmas Carol for the civic theater. At age eleven she won a recording scholarship after performing “House of the Rising Sun” at Launch Chicago, and she was recording three songs in Nashville at the age of twelve.

She recently landed an all-expenses paid trip to Burbank, California to meet with the producers of the app, “Scenebot” after she caught their attention online. She has also performed for the Whitecaps, Chicago Bulls, and has acted in several commercials. You can catch her in the movie Bennett Song and singing in A Bennett Song Holiday coming out this fall.