Tom Wall

Band Director 

You could safely say that Tom Wall is not your ordinary musician or band director. Turning to different frequencies and utilizing sounds and patterns found throughout Mother Nature, Tom creates music that helps promote a beneficial effect for the listener, one that soothes the soul and pulls at the heart. Since his beginnings, growing up on his family's deer farm, Wall learned to put as much passion into his music as humanly possible. Developing a deep love for herbalism and music, Tom loves spreading his knowledge along his travels. His musical styles span most genres of music ranging from jazz, blues, folk, bluegrass, funk, reggae, rock and more.


Over the years his passion for music and nature (which he believes are divinely connected) has led him to travel the country, making his own instruments, playing with rock legends, creating his own festival, and producing his debut album, "Inner Space" with this band Cosmic Knot. Inner Space managed to hit #7 on the National Relix Jamband Radio Chart, where it maintained a top 30 position for 5 months. Having over a dozen works credited to his name, he has collaborated with musicians like, Grammy-nominated Murugan Booker; Bob Dylan; John Lee Hooker; Woodstock’s, Jerry Garcia; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Billy Davis (mentor to Jimi Hendrix) and many more.


He has been nominated for multiple Detroit Music Awards and has won several contests for his songmanship. Tom's music has been played on over 130 radio stations around the world, topped radio charts, and has been featured on N.P.R., Fox News, and more.