Kaylee Smutz


Before Kaylee was walking, she was always thumping and tapping on things. When her Mom was in the kitchen, Kaylee would crawl over and empty out the pots and pans all over the floor. Her Mom gave Kaylee wooden spoons and she’d proudly play “beautiful” music.

After pots and pans, she decided to collect tissue boxes to construct drumsets and use ink pens as her sticks. By the time she was six, her parents knew that she needed a real drum set. So, for her sixth birthday, that is what she got. She’s been playing and taking lessons ever since and is currently studying under Scott Pellegrom at Third Coast Recording Company. The first time she saw a female drummer was at a Barlow Girl concert and she thought that Lauren was amazing. She’s also a huge fan of Jen Ledger from Skillet. 

Early on, Kaylee never wanted anyone to hear her play. She would only play if there wasn’t anyone around. She’d also turn her drumset to the wall so no one could see her. She only agreed to play in front of her uncle when he made her a deal; he would eat a worm if he could hear her play. Kaylee is a perfectionist and wants every beat to be perfect. She is learning to try new techniques and styles with Scott, and he is pushing her out of her comfort zone. She is proving to be an excellent drummer.

She’s come a long way since playing by herself. Kaylee is part of the student worship team and loves playing for student ministries at her local church. Joining Five Strand Fusion has added an entirely different dimension to her playing; writing new music and learning new methods. Playing with the other members has been great and they really enjoy their time together. 

Kaylee's favorite band is For King and Country. She also loves shopping, art, painting with different mediums, babysitting, smoothies, and warm weather. She has a caring heart toward others and loves being with her family and friends.