About Five Strand Fusion

Dave Palmer, founder of Spread the Music and Walk the Beat, has an office at Third Coast Recording Company in Grand Haven, MI. He noticed there was a handful of extremely talented young musicians who gravitated to the building because they absolutely loved music. Dave decided to ask each of the professionals at Third Coast which of these local musicians they thought were the “cream of the crop.”

For Dave, this wasn’t like asking anyone off the street for an opinion. Third Coast Recording Company is one of those well-kept secrets in West Michigan. If you haven’t heard of it, a number of music industry heavyweights call it home, including:

- Bill Chrysler, owner of Third Coast Recording Company, has run sound for just about every superstar you’ve ever heard of, from Paul McCartney, Bob Seger and John Mayer to Maroon 5, Rihanna and Christina Aguilera.

- Carlos Seise, a world-renowned opera singer.

- Scott Pellegrom, in-demand studio drummer/percussionist who has - and continues to - perform all over the world.

- Kevin Kozel, known for his impeccable guitar skills and also one of the Third Coast’s senior sound engineers.

All of these extraordinary individuals have offices at Third Coast. Between them, they’ve seen and heard thousands of performers, both young and old. These guys know “good” when they hear it and they let Dave know their choices for his new band.

Dave took their recommendations and started with the parents of each musician. He asked if their child would be interested in a music program designed to help young students understand how a professional band really works. Why? Because it simply isn’t just about the music anymore.

To be successful in the music industry, a band needs to understand the business of music. The band Dave was assembling would have a manager, music director, marketing manager, accountant, booking agent, graphic designer, and legal counsel. Paired with a strict rehearsal schedule; regular performances; and recording plans, there would be nothing like this band in West Michigan.

With that Five Strand Fusion was born.

Band Goals

1. Learn how to write music and perform as a band. Not just play, but perform.

2. Produce a music video.

3. Learn the business side of music. Interact/work with band manager, music director, accountant, legal counsel, marketing, etc.

4. Headline at a huge local concert in September of 2020. Each member of the band will receive a music scholarship after this show.